Custom Surveys

Bluewater is a leading provider of custom compensation and benefit surveys for associations, industry groups, professional societies, chambers of commerce, and individual organizations.  We work collaboratively with our customers from the beginning of the project through completion to ensure that you receive a custom survey that achieves your objectives.   Our leading edge survey tools are built upon a flexible platform that allows us to quickly and cost-effectively create a tailored survey to meet the needs of any organization. 

Custom Survey Features

You will find that Bluewater custom surveys offer a level of customer support, quality and innovation that far surpasses other providers -- all at a very affordable price.  This combination has earned Bluewater the reputation of being a smart choice when it comes to compensation and benefit surveys.  Bluewater custom surveys feature the following benefits to make your organization’s survey project a success:

  • Online participant invitations and registration to increase survey participation
  • Private labeling or “branding” of the survey and reports to enhance sponsoring organization’s image and brand
  • Multiple reporting formats that allow your organization to select a variety of reports to meet the needs of all your members
  • Online survey data collection with progress indicator to improve participant satisfaction and data accuracy
  • Participant status monitoring and survey completion reminders to enable real-time participant support and boost survey completion
  • Benchmark jobs and job families to simplify survey completion and improve data quality
  • Data quality control process to ensure only reliable information is added to the survey results
  • Reports display information by multiple views to allow for quick and easy comparisons against relevant peer organizations
  • Third-party consultant objectivity to enhance credibility with survey participants
  • Tri-level compensation data reporting to support comparison of pay practices against the marketplace by operating unit, job family and individual position levels
  • Participant data confidentiality and secure information storage to advance survey participation
  • Extensive use of percentile rankings and key performance metrics throughout the reports to provide for quick analysis and industry benchmarking

Reporting Options

Bluewater’s leading edge survey tools offer flexible reporting options to meet the needs of any organization.  Our reports are available in electronic format to simplify report distribution or may be printed conveniently from a PDF file that can be easily bound.  Bluewater custom surveys give you ultimate flexibility to choose how much of your survey data to report and in what format.  Select from one or more of the following report types to display the results from your custom survey:

  • Comprehensive Reports
    As the name implies, with a Comprehensive Report you will have access to all your custom survey data. Report format displays information by multiple views to allow for quick and easy comparisons against relevant peer organizations by geography, budget, number of employees, and industry. Report format utilizes percentile rankings and key performance metrics to display your custom survey data.
    Click Here to see a sample Salary and Benefits Report.

  • Salary ONLY Report
    This report provides complete salary information on your custom survey positions including base salary, bonus practices, total cash compensation, salary increases, employee turnover, and more. The salary data is presented at three different levels (by Position, by Job Family and by Organization) to provide a comprehensive view of pay practices at all levels of a nonprofit organization.
    Click Here to see a sample of a Salary ONLY report

  • Benefits ONLY Reports
    This report gives current and detailed information on your custom survey benefit offerings including medical, dental, vision, retirement, executive perks, employee leave, executive employment agreements, flexible spending accounts, and life insurance & disability.
    Click Here to see a sample of a Benefits ONLY report

  • Executive Summary Reports
    Our Executive Summary Report provides a quick snapshot of the results from your custom survey. This report provides an “All Organizations” summary view of the survey data without the detailed data views you’ll find in our Comprehensive Reports.
    Click Here to see a sample Executive Summary Report.

  • Custom Online Reporting Tool
    This online reporting tool gives your organization the ability to quickly and easily build custom individual job title reports. Select an available position. Then, use the drop down menus to filter the results using one or more variables to create a report tailored to your exact specifications. This tool can be customized in a variety of ways to provide additional reporting options for your organization.
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